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Marilyn and Friends - $99

Marilyn and Friends Video

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Marilyn and Friends video is a showcase of some possible characters for female singing telegrams in Los Angeles California.  Download:  MP4  WebM  Ogg
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Singing-Telegram Female Police Officer (COP) Los Angeles CA
Police Officer

Would you like to send a singing telegram from a real singer?

Or, do you have a comedy prank that might run from G-rated and clean to R and slightly soiled?

Perhaps you just want to send someone a "get well" greeting, or a birthday visit from an unforgettable special guest.

Whatever you want, you will get exceptional service...and at a bargain price!

FunnyGirl Telegrams will deliver your message in a way which is distinctive, original, and from the heart.

About FunnyGirl Telegrams:

Singing-Telegram Lady Gaga Valentine Los Angeles CA
Valentine Lady Gaga

I am a singer, actor, and entertainer with over 10 years experience of providing hundreds of singing telegrams to homes, offices, and public venues great and small!

I work solo, or with a trusted group of performers who follow the same rule of giving you the best!

We love what we do, and we love making people happy!

Whether it's wowing someone "American Idol" style, getting goofy and spoofy, or delivering a sincere "apology gram", we all come from the heart.

Singing-Telegram Cheerleader Los Angeles CA

Singing telegrams are a great way to celebrate and I think that everyone should try it at least once!   I love seeing someone's smiling eyes when they realize that friends and family have taken the time to arrange the "surprise" - it's good times all around.

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Making Memories Is What I Do
Singing-Telegram Gorilla Los Angeles CA
Marilyn Monroe Singing Telegram Los Angeles CA
Marilyn Monroe
Lady Gaga Singing Telegram Los Angeles CA
Lady Gaga

Here are some of MY Standout Memories:

  • Britney

    at the Catholic school
  • Dancing


    at a Santa Monica wedding
  • Marilyn M.

    at a centenarian's Bel-Air birthday (now that was a guy who really knew how to live!)
  • Lady Gaga

    giving hair advice at a Pasadena Sweet Sixteen
  • Classic tuxedo

    with an apology and a dozen roses which led to a couple's tearful re-union in Tustin (that was something - I don't think Dr. Phil could do better)
  • I had a lot of fun playing


    and singing "On The Road Again" for someone in Beverly Hills about to – guess what – get on the road again!
  • And I have to admit it was a real pleasure to be the

    Queen of England

    in Culver City.


Tom McEvilley playing Violin in Los Angeles CA
Musical Friends

And of course...
Music, Music, Music

My Musical Friends are opera singers, violinists, and guitarists

So whatever you have in mind for your special someone... we can deliver...with superior style!

Popular Characters

Singing-Telegram Nurse Los Angeles CA
N'Aughtee Nurse
Singing-Telegram Cupid Los Angeles CA
French Maid Singing Telegram Los Angeles CA
French Maid

Here are some of my most Popular Characters (partial list – it's always growing).   Male Performers and Characters also available.

  • Barbra
  • Bag lady
  • Biker chick
  • Cheerleader
  • Classic Tuxedo Singing Telegram
  • Cop
  • Cowgirl
  • Dorothy
  • French Maid
  • Gorilla
  • Hula Girl
  • Julie Androos
  • Lady Gaga
  • Liza
  • Mary Poppins
  • Marilyn Munroe
  • Mona the Mourner
  • Nerd
  • Nurse
  • Pamela Andersun
  • Paris Hilltun
  • Princess
  • Queen of England
  • Shirley
  • Teena Turner
  • Yenta

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